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  • elmo cat toy
  • elmo cat toy

Sesame Street Elmo Cat Toy

Sesame Street Elmo Cat Toy. Free Shipping.




Cat Toy Description:

Say hello to Sesame Street's Elmo Cat Toy. Remember Tickle-Me-Elmo when you were a kid? Us too! Now you can get your kitty a coveted Elmo Cat Toy from Pet Krewe. 

This is toy features Elmos' fish Dorothy and bells that will get your cat's attention.

Key Benefits:

  • This Sesame Street Elmo Cat Toy is a perfect pet gift.
  • Toy features Dorothy and comes with bells for maximum stimulation for your cat.
  • Share your adorable pet images on Social Media with our easy-to-use AR app. Download the Pet Krewe GO Augmented Reality app now.

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