5 Tips When Choosing a Birthday Costume for Your Dog

How to choose a birthday costume for your dog

It’s that time of the year again... when your dog has to receive some extra love and attention from all of his or her pawsome friends and favorite humans around.

Or maybe your dog has been invited to attend a birthday party because you know, your dog is just too cool to not get invited. 😎

So, today, Stella shares useful tips on choosing a birthday costume for your pooch, and the other essential things to include when you’re throwing the party yourself. So, let’s dig in.


Tips on choosing a birthday costume

Here are 5 simple tips when choosing a birthday costume for your dog:

● Match the theme of the birthday party

● Ensure that the birthday costume fits well

● Choose a costume that is safe for your dog

● Make sure to get an outfit that your dog doesn’t mind wearing

● Ensure that the birthday costume is durable

These tips may prove vital to ensuring your dog’s safety and comfort... and your sanity, as you engage with other people and dogs at the party.

Remember! If your dog feels good while wearing his or her birthday outfit... you, too, should be fine!


Match the theme of the birthday party

Whether you are the one throwing your dog’s birthday party or you’re one of the few that got invited, it goes without saying that you should match your dog’s birthday attire to the theme of the party.

Is your dog’s birthday around the Halloween season? Maybe Christmas? New Year? Easter? Maybe a summer-themed party? How about a popular TV show or movie theme!

These are just a few of the birthday party themes that you and your friends might want to consider.

Nevertheless, there are countless birthday themes out there—whatever the theme is, make sure to match your dog’s costume with a little touch of uniqueness.

Ensure that the birthday costume fits well

This is one of the most important factors when choosing a birthday costume for your dog—it’s crucial to ensure that the costume does not restrict your dog’s movement, sight, or hearing.

Your dog should be able to bark and breathe normally while wearing their birthday outfit. Also, check for any possible skin or fur irritants and remove them.

We all want our dogs to look pretty and stand out at a birthday party but their comfort should always come first.

Choose a costume that is safe for your dog

Safety first—so important,, especially when it comes to our precious dogs.

It is best to avoid costumes that have obstructive ties, buttons, fringes, and beads—parts that your dog could easily chew and swallow. God forbid having to to rush your dog to a vet in the middle of a party.

Also, if the birthday party is held during the evening, why not add some fancy flashing accessory such as a glow-in-the-dark collar.

Make sure to get an outfit that your dog doesn’t mind wearing

If your dog scratches or squirms in his birthday outfit, chances are they are not having a good time in the attire—we don’t want a sad dog at a party!

If you haven’t tried letting your dog wear different types of costumes before, we suggest that you get at least two or three sets of birthday outfits that you can swap.

This way, you’re prepared in case your dog starts excessive scratching or squirming during the party.

Ensure that the birthday costume is durable

This is important, especially if you have a hyperactive dog who loves to play with everyone!

As you already know, dogs love to play-fight which often gets rough. So, it’s best that you come prepared and dress your dog in birthday attire that can withstand the rough and tumble of a fun party.

Also, if you choose a high-quality costume for your dog, you won’t have to worry about other dogs biting and pulling his or her outfit when they play.

The best thing is, a durable dog outfit can last you many birthdays to come and save you money in the long run!

Best types of dog birthday costume materials

Here are the top 3 birthday costume materials for dogs:

● Polyester

● Nylon

● Drawstrings

Soft polyester is the ultimate go-to for dog owners who often show off their dogs with fancy costumes—this material is the most pet-friendly because of the comfort it brings.

Plus, it’s easy to clean. On the other hand, Nylon can be recommended because of its silky texture that pets love.

It’s also the strongest material you could use for dog costumes and it’s mostly water-resistant.

Lastly, drawstrings are the most common material used in dog outfits because of its durability, comfortably, and ease of use, especially when you’re using it to boost the design of your dog’s costume.

Safety tips when dressing them up

You might get caught in a frenzy for throwing a dog birthday party or attending one with your pooch—not to mention the excitement you’ll feel when dressing your dog in a fabulous costume and uploading the photos in social media. However, ensure to take precautions when dressing your pup up.

Keep the following in mind:

● Do not forget your dog’s collar with your updated details in it so people can easily contact you in case your dog gets lost.

● Ensure that your dog’s costume does not have anything obstructive to his movement, breathing, and barking.

● Remove any harmful material that your dog could chew & swallow.

● Make sure that your dog is comfortable in his or her birthday costume and ensure a snug fit so your dog can still play as much as he or she wants.

● Regularly check your dog’s outfit, perhaps after every hour, just to make sure that he or she is having such a great time throughout the party.

Dog birthday party essentials

Are you ready to throw your dog’s fantastic birthday party yet? Here are the party must-haves to include in your list:

● A dog-friendly venue

● Birthday theme decoration

● Yummy pup cake

● Dog-friendly food & drinks

● Dog poop bags

● Doggy gifts for guests to take home

● Fun obstacle course and a doggy ball pit!

Do you have more ideas on choosing a birthday costume for dogs? How about more tips on throwing the best dog birthday party ever? Let us know in the comments!

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