A Giant Celebrity's Guide to Dressing Your Dog for the Emmy Awards

A Giant Celebrity's Guide to Dressing Your Dog for the Emmy Awards

By A Giant Celebrity, Contributing Writer


Hi everyone, it’s me, dog lover, Pet Krewe fan, and A Giant Celebrity you know and love.


In addition to being fabulous, I am also an excellent writer, well versed in all things fashion and dogs. Every year I get to put on the most amazing outfits and attend the Emmy Awards, where I get nominated for being A Giant Celebrity. That's why I was so excited when Stella and Blanche asked me to write a guest post for their blog, about what else? Fashion and fabulousity.


While it might take us Giant Celebrities days, or even weeks, to get ready for our big nights, I will share with you my secret tips for getting your pupstar into their fabulous costumes quickly and painlessly:


  • Sniff it like you own it. I always insist on sniffing my outfits before agreeing to put them on. I mean, how else can I be expected to wear it like I own it?! Most dogs I know feel the same way. They can’t just be thrown into something without first giving it a good sniff to get comfortable. So, if you want your pooch to ruff up the red carpet, give them an appropriate amount of time to sniff their new attire.
  • Hold a fitting. Fashion before comfort is so yesterday. One must be able to sit, dance, pose, and most importantly, accept awards with grace and ease in one’s outfit. My canine counterpups must likewise be able to sit, stand, walk, and most importantly, clap and cheer enthusiastically for moi without hurting themselves or embarrassing themselves in front of the pup-arazzi.  
  • Give them the royal treatment. In addition to looking fabulous for the sake of it, I adore all the compliments and treats fans bestow up me when I dress to nines. It makes having gone through all the effort of getting into my outfits well worth it. So, make sure to lavish your Hollywood hound with compliments and treats as they too, richly deserve it. 
  • Pay attention to my needs. I mean their needs. As A Giant Celebrity, I have to keep up appearances and seem happy even if some lame major celebrity wins the award I was supposed to get. But your dog doesn't have the same pressure to keep it together AT ALL COSTS. They will let you know immediately if they're not having a good time, with a lowered tail, wide eyes, flattened ears, lip licking, etc. If your star isn't feeling it, don’t wait until the end of the night to remedy the situation…take off their costume ASAP.


If you follow these tips, you can get your dog looking fetching in their costume, without any doggie-diva freak-outs.


Peace & Paws,

Stella and Blanche's Giant Celebrity Friend.

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