Pet Krewe’s Favorite Good News Stories This Summer

Here at Pet Krewe, we’re all about celebrating the happy moments in life. That’s why we got into the pet costume business in the first place! Whether it’s celebrating your pup’s birthday with a festive hat and collar or dressing up your cat as a shark just because, we believe in making even the smallest occasions fun.

Today on the Pet Krewe blog, we’re sharing our favorite good news stories worth celebrating. 

Bonnie the pup runs away from home and later returns with a Dog Show Ribbon.

 Adorable dog in dog show ribbon.

Image courtesy of SWNS.

We couldn’t make this up if we tried! Bonnie the five-year-old beagle mix escaped through the gates of her home one day, causing her family to send out a search party. She was found by a local man on his way to enter his dogs into a local dog show. He decided to enter Bonnie into the “best rescue” category and she won third place! Bonnie made her way back home safely, proudly bearing her new ribbon. More on Bonnie’s story below.


You can shop at a bookstore in Pennsylvania where cats stroll along the bookshelves above you.

Cat strolls bookshelves of local store.

Image courtesy of CuboardMakerBookstore / TIKTOK.

Talk about living the dream, right? Pennsylvania-based bookstore Cupboard Maker Books is home to four insanely cute kittens that sashay along the catwalks on top of the bookshelves in their store. Cupboard Maker Books is the place for you if you're a book lover who can't resist some adorable feline friends. In this video, you can watch Annika, Mouse, Zak, and Mercedes's adventures.


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This second-grade class helped find 24 shelter pets new homes.

Young students hugging rescue dog

Image courtesy of Kensey Jones.

Second-grade teacher Kensey Jones has gone above and beyond for her students - and some furry friends, too! Kensey asked her students to write letters on behalf of the dogs in her local shelter where she frequently volunteers. What started out as a persuasive writing assignment culminated in 23 dogs and 1 cat finding new homes in the Richmond, Virginia area. Watch Kensey and two of her students tell their story on The Kelly Clarkson show below.


This stray dog appoints himself as a crossing guard for local children.

Stray dog acting as crossing guard.

Image courtesy of @lovelykupata on Instagram.

A local stray dog in Georgia has assumed the role of crossing guard for a group of kids trying to safely cross at the crosswalk. When it appeared that drivers weren’t slowing down for the children, the pup (now lovingly referred to as Kupata) barked at the car and even chased a few to get them to slow down. This wasn’t just a once-off event either, Kupata is out and about fulfilling his crossing guard duties every day. He’s been adopted by the community and named after the Georgian word for “sausage” because he’s so well fed by the locals! Watch him in action below.

Do you have your own favorite good news stories? We want to hear them! Let us know in the comments or reach out to us on Instagram to spread the puppy love.  

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