Here Kitty Kitty! It’s Cat Costume Time!


Hi there, it's your buddy Blanche again!


Stella and I love to dress up in costumes!! Costumes for playdates! Costumes for hanging around the yard! Costumes for laying around the house! Costumes at mealtime! Costumes for sleeping time! Hmm, what else do we do all day…thinking…thinking…Well, if you ask us…there’s never not a good time to wear a costume!


Most cats, on the other paw, don’t LOVE costumes as much as we do…which is weird. Like, really, really WEIRD! But our human told us it’s because cats are “much more sensitive creatures” than us dogs, which we totally already know because we live with Mo the Cat, and Mo gets mad at Stella and me ALL THE TIME, even though all we’re trying to do is play with him. Cats…can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em…right?!


But Mo and costumes can and do go paw-in-paw if we follow his rules:


  1. His costume must have the purr-fect fit: Mo doesn’t like it when his eyes are covered or when his ears are flattened, and he REALLY doesn’t like it when his whiskers are ruffled. He also needs to be able to walk, lie, sit, and jump!


  1. He needs paw-sitive reinforcement: Stella and I like being told we look good, but Mo super-duper needs positive words of encouragement!


  1. He must be king of his jungle: Mo doesn’t like to stand out from the pack or garner too much extra attention, so he’ll only dress up when there are no other cats around.

 sailor cat costume pet costume

  1. He likes short shifts: No long hours for Mo. He likes to dress up, strike a few poses, and move on to more important tasks like chasing pretend bugs tied to strings. Who are we to judge?


  1. He wants to be heard: Meeeoow means no, and he doesn’t want to screech it loudly twice. When Mo doesn’t want to play dress up, Mo means it.


  1. He wants to be watched: Mo normally has cattitude if humans tell him what to do, but not when he’s in costume! He knows human supervision is IM-PAW-TANT to keep him safe – otherwise he may try to chew his costume, which makes him choke (silly, Mo!), or go outside, which sometimes stresses him out when he’s dressed up.


So, go like Mo! Follow his rules and you’ll all be dressed up in no time, while avoiding the two-paw swat!

 spider cat costume


Peace & Paws,

Your feline-loving pal, Blanche.



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