How to Coordinate Matching Halloween Costumes

How to Coordinate Matching Halloween Costumes


As you ALL know, Stella and I live, breathe, and LOVE costumes, but if there is ONE thing we love more than playing dress up (impawssible, right?), it’s PLAYING DRESS UP WITH HUMANS! And by dress up we mean wearing matching costumes! Woof! Woof!


What could be cuter than us in costumes? Humans in coordinated costumes! We learned the word “coordinated” because our human has told us many times we must COORDINATE our going outside schedules…


Ok, anywoooof…here are our favorite howl-o-weenie costume ideas for us and our human, but you can borrow them:


  1. Paw-lice and Prisoner 


 dog costume

  1. Pirate and Sailor 

 cat costumecat costume

  1. Elmo and Big Bird 


  1. Mer-pet and Mer-human

 dog costume

  1. Lion and Cub 

 dog costume


Peace & Paws,

Your always-in-a-costume pal, Blanche.



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