CBD Oil and Your Pets

brown dog pittie sitting looking center

Safety Intern Poomba is back with words of wisdom about a trendy pet product.

CBD products are all the rage in the pet health world, and with more brands than you can shake a fetching stick at, Poomba wanted to remind you of the official findings on CBD oil.

First, remember that CBD products are so new that pet experts are still calling them a "trend." Anecdotal evidence shows that CBD helps pets with anxiety, joint issues, or general health, but no studies have proven these benefits. If you're planning on trying some for your Fur Fam, consult with your vet first. When shopping, look for organic products that are free of pesticides and other additives that might irritate your pet. And as always, do the research! Here are two good articles from the American Kennel Club and NBC that contain general information on CBD oil for pets. 

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