Home Alone: Pet Edition

Yappy Holidays, Pet Krewe friends! Plenty of you will be spending lots of time at friends’ and relatives’ houses this season. It’s hard to imagine, but some homes don’t allow those of us of the furry persuasion to join the festivities. This can mean we get left home alone for a long time. We hate being separated from you, but there are a few was to make your absence a little less difficult to handle. Remember the rule of T.R.E.A.T.

  1. Tire us out! Before heading to the party, be sure to make some time for us to get some good exercise. A quick run or some vigorous playing will help burn off a lot of energy and set us up for a nice long nap when you’re gone. Being sedentary is not only unhealthy for our bodies, it can also lead to increased anxiety. Going out right before you leave means we have time for one last tinkle, too.
  2. Remember to leave us with provisions! We can’t open the fridge ourselves (darn lack of opposable thumbs!), so you need to leave us with enough food and water to cover the time you’re away. Careful that it’s not too much, though – you don’t want any potty accidents to happen.
  3. Entertainment! Why just leave a boring old bowl with kibble? Instead you can use toy bowls and fun puzzles to keep your fur baby happily occupied for hours. These kinds of toys are good for our mental development, help clean our teeth, and are lots of fun!
  4. Atmosphere! Sometimes we all just want to chill out on the dog bed and watch a few hours of pup-focused TV with relaxing music and soothing sounds. Leaving on some soft music and a small light will help relieve separation anxiety and help lull us into a deep, sweet dreamland where we always catch the squirrel.
  5. Tell us you love us! When you finally return home, be sure to show some extra love to your fur ball. Get in some good play time, go for a long walk, or even take a trip to the doggy spa! Making us feel special after a long absence will ensure future separations aren’t as difficult.

Follow the rule of T.R.E.A.T and your fur baby’s time home alone won’t be nearly as ruff.

Peace & Paws

Intern Blanche

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