Celebrating Memorial Day with Dogs

Memorial Day Celebrations with Intern Stella

black and white dog

Memorial Day barbecues and pool parties are fun traditions, but they can present unique dangers for pets. Alcohol and some common cookout foods can be poisonous to dogs, so make sure that they don’t ingest any booze. Foods to avoid include onions, raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate, and avocado, so please make sure guests know not to feed table scraps to dogs.

Just as with small children, adults should be present whenever pets are near the pool. Not all animals are natural swimmers, and even those who are might have trouble getting out of the pool. Ramps or pet ladders are a great idea for any party that pets might attend.

dog in pool with human lifevest

Lastly, fireworks can present a unique problem for pets. Even if your party is not using them, the noise from area events might still negatively affect your pups. Compression vests and other comfort measures can work wonders, but all pets should wear ID tags with contact information just in case they are scared away by fireworks noise. Visit a local pet store or check online for fun, fashionable pet tags.

In addition to collars and tags, your pet should have some party attire. Our Celebration Hat & Collar Set is perfect for all occasions. Order at PetKrewe.com.

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