Pet Travel Safety with Intern Poomba

Pet Safety for Travel & Evacuations

Summer months can mean lots of traveling, and Intern Poomba is back to make sure we’re putting safety first. For vacation travel, or even for evacuations, this guide will help keep everyone happy.

brown pittie dog

Travel by Car

Sunny car windows can put your pup at risk, so try putting ice packs in the travel crate. Also, make sure the crate is well ventilated and that the car windows have sunshades. Other items to bring include travel bowls, water, and even a spray bottle to keep them cool. For long road trips, consider bringing a tent to set up a shady spot during long stops.

By Air

Many airlines will not allow animals in cargo during summer months. Some only allow animals to fly in the early morning or night. Be sure to check with your airline before flying with a pet. For pets who can travel, include a frozen 2-liter bottle of water and provide fresh water in the crate.


Don’t depend on an RV’s generator or cooling system to keep pets safe. If you are away for a few hours, get a neighbor to check on your pets. Explore a temperature monitor that will send an alert if the RV gets too hot.

For Evacuations

Preparation is key. For the storm season in your area, pack a kit that includes food and water, along with any meds that your pet needs. Vaccination certifications, health records, and tracking chip info should also be part of your Pet Evacuation Kit.

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