Intern Penelope Checks on Your New Year's Resolution

Pet Krewe is fortunate enough to have office pets, or Interns, who help with daily operations. Everyone has their job, and today we hear from Penelope, our Head-Cat-In-Charge, who works remotely from a soft high place. She has some personal and professional advice for us. 

Good morning...

Intern Penelope here. As an integral part of the Pet Krewe team, I provide comprehensive oversight to the employees and silly doggies who work at Pet Krewe HQ. 

cat gray grey maine coon lounging

As a service to you (you're welcome), I wanted to reach out and make sure that you're on track with your New Year's resolutions. How are you doing on those exercise and Marie Kondo goals? Go ahead, I'm waiting to take notes on my clipboard. Though I am judging you a little bit, I'm also sending some encouragement your way for all your 2019 goals. I am *truly* inspiring, so my words will certainly go a long way toward helping you move onward and upward. 

At Pet Krewe HQ, the humans are back in the office after a successful trade show experience, and they're working diligently to prepare contracts and ship orders. Believe me, I checked. Or I might have cameras in the office. Never you mind about my management techniques. 

I must move on to my next appointment. That red dot is not going to chase itself. Until next time, be good and follow through. I'm watching. 

From a sunny windowsill, 


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