Road Trip Without Going Barking Mad

Summer's almost over and fall's around the corner. You know what that means... ROAD TRIPS!!!! Our humans go to all sorts of faraway places and sometimes – if we're lucky – they take us along! We get to smell and chew lots of new things, and most importantly stick our heads out the car window! It hard for some of us though, so here's how to embark on a stress-free vacation:

 german dog road trip funny dog


  • Get lots of exercise. It's hard sitting in a car all day. Make sure you run around lots when you get the chance!
  • Keep your collar on. Harnesses and leashes will make sure you don't lose track of your humans when you stop for a nature break.
  • Bring your own food. Have you ever had German dog food? Don't. Bring your own!
  • Travel in style. While your human does all the hard work driving, relax in your own bed in the back.
  • Practice makes perfect. Try going for lots of short trips first before hitting the open road. Getting used to the car will make you more relaxed and you get to make it smell just like home!



With these tips, road trips should be a walk in the park! But make sure your human notices if you're stressed out or sick… And if you really hate riding in the car, go stay with a neighbor while your humans are gone. Just don't eat all their furniture!


Now get out there and bark at some passing cars!


Peace & Paws,

Your adventurous buddy, Stella.


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