The Top 5 Hottest Unicorn Trends this Fall

Unicorns are truly magical, aren’t they? Ever since we were little ones, unicorns have appeared in our favorite movies and wildest fantasies. To this very day, we’re still unicorn-obsessed! With their wide range of bright colors and dazzling sparkles, these majestic creatures have managed to pique our interest even after childhood. Nowadays, you can catch the hashtag #Unicorn on social media to represent the originality of something. Luckily for all of us unicorn-lovers out there, there’s plenty of merchandise and trends related to unicorns that’s sure to catch our attention this fall. Here are the top five hottest unicorn trends that you have got to check out! 

1. Unicorn Food

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Imagine a delicious world of pastel confections. Just envision macaroons, cookies and cakes in all of the shades of a glittery rainbow. Sounds tantalizing already, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out this isn’t a mythical fantasy. You can truly have your own unicorn food by following popular DIY trends on Pinterest or by making your own Starbucks-esque unicorn Frappuccino. Host a unicorn food party with only the finest of unicorns!


2. Unicorn Hair 

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Along with those pastel unicorn cookies, what could be better than having a beautiful mane of hair of your own? These days, the unicorn hair trend is increasingly popular and will definitely be in time for fall. In case you’ve been at a loss for ideas for a new hair trend, then you’ll want to talk to your stylist about gorgeous unicorn hair. Lime Crime sells unicorn hair color in a variety of amazing shades. If you want a semi-permanent look that’s vegan free, then definitely take a look at Lime Crime’s unicorn hair dye. If you want to sample some of the magic that is unicorn hair, Lime Crime also offers trial packets! Another quality hair product to try out is Manic Panic. They have a Pastelizer cream formula that can turn any of their dye shades into a pastel color.

3. Unicorn Makeup 

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What could be a better fit to go with your multicolored hair than some fabulous unicorn makeup? Lime Crime sells a lot of unicorn-themed makeup for unicorn lovers everywhere. Their Diamond Crushers lip gloss will have you truly looking like a unicorn from a mystical land. Try out the color black unicorn and you’ll feel like you just stepped into a fairytale. 

4. Unicorn Pets 

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Well, we can’t have unicorns as actual pets, but we can have the next best thing! That’s right: there are unicorn costumes out there for your favorite pal. Thanks to Pet Krewe, you can have your own tiny unicorn by your side as you flaunt your unicorn hair and makeup while munching on a mystical unicorn cupcake from the heavens! Cats and small dogs are also allowed to be unicorns, too.

5. Unicorn Pajamas 

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We all need to rest to get our unicorn beauty sleep, right? You’ll be more than enthralled to know that Lisa Frank, who is basically the inventor of the unicorn for our generation, has released a brand new set of unicorn pajamas! You can find this adorable article of clothing at Target. You’ll be counting unicorns in your sleep as you showcase her latest sleep shirt. This will keep you warm and mystical enough for the upcoming fall season.

Gee, it sure is nice to be a unicorn these days, isn’t it? These five super hot trends are sure to keep you flying high with your unicorn horn to the skies. Enjoy being glamorous, fabulous, and ultra-unicorn this fall! Remember: if you can choose to be a unicorn, then be a unicorn.

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