Traveling with your Pet for the Howlidays

Blanche & I LOVE car rides. Few things are better than sticking our snouts out the window and letting the cool air tickle our whiskers and fill our noses with all the news on the road. As wonderful as it is to be able to take your hooman along on a road trip, sometimes it can be tough for an overly active dog (Blanche, I’m looking at you) to stay in a small space for long trips to granny’s house over the Howlidays. Your can adjust to traveling by planning ahead and taking a few of our simple Pet Krewe Travel Tips.


Start with Shorter Trips

Take your hooman and high-energy canine companions on some short-distant drives before hitting the road for an epic Homeward Bound Incredible Journey. This gives you a chance to get used to the cozy little kennel on wheels in terms of room and mobility. Brief trips also let you see what kinds of things you’re likely to do or want on longer trips.


Be Pup-ared!

Always be sure to bring extra food and water as well as some tasty treats for when we’ve been extra good by not barking at neighboring cars or trying to sit on the dash board. Blanche insists we always bring such essentials as Santa Elmo toys, plush blankets for added comfort, and wipes and/or towels just in case for clean ups - sorry, Mom!


Rest Stops

Take paws, stop and smell the fire hydrants along the way. Be sure to map out your trip beforehand and find some pup-friendly exits. Some magical PitBull-stops even have little fenced areas where you can run around and burn off some of that pent up energy. Have fun with these stops! You’ll love sniffing around all the new sights and smells in different places, and may even meet with traveling pups and people. It’s a well-known fact doggy butts smell different in every state. The Woof Wide Web can show you lots of special stops like local dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants, and hotels smart enough to welcome us.



Some cars are really stuffy. You’ll feel better if you crack a window or turn on the air conditioning in extremely hot weather. I can roll down automatic windows, but the whole no-thumbs thing keeps me from using ones with handles. Le sigh… Also, remember that crates can get a LOT hotter than just the seat, so be sure to have something to lie down on in there. This winter, keep stay warm with your favorite thick blanket or the heater.



Bring something fun to play with and keep from getting restless, anxious, and bored. A Pet Krewe chew toy or simple toys you can play with together will help you tolerate the long trip better.



If you are very vocal, hyper, anxious or gets woozy in the car (Blanche….), have your hooman ask the nice vet lady to see if there is medication you can have to take the edge off.


Stay Pawsitive

Remind your hooman that when we’re good we should be rewarded. Sometimes it’s hard to feel safe and comfortable on long trips, so when we wait to piddle at the truck stop, when we settle down after being anxious, it’s well within our rights to be given a tasty treat and some loving belly rubs.

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