Walking Dogs and Broken Bones

Safety Intern Poomba is here to bring awareness of... well, Safety. 
At Pet Krewe HQ, we are lucky to have office pets, or Interns, who contribute in unique ways. Poomba is a retired firefighter who's always thinking about safety for pets and humans. He read an article recently that concerned him, and he'd like to share some wisdom.

"Hello Humans, 

A recent study by the University of Pennsylvania and published in JAMA shows an increase in older human injuries that occur while walking a pet. The good news is that the higher rate of injuries is likely due to increased activity, which is especially good news for our 60+ humans. Many of the accidents are falls that happen when the human becomes entangled in a leash, so extra care should be taken to keep leashes free of appendages at all times. Additionally, humans should not wrap leashes around their wrists or arms as that is another common cause for injury. Get all the statistics in the article. Stay safe!"


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