What NOT to eat at Thanksgiving Dinner

are onions bad for my dog

Hey, there, Holiday Hounds, Blanche here with an important food safety announcement. Like me, you probably love Thanksgiving more than any day of the year. There’s so much food and the Humans get distracted or pass out so we can raid the scraps! But be careful, my famished furry friends, some of the delicious things that the two-legs are eating is not okay for us. Sad, I know, but all too true. Here’s a tragically long list of food for us to avoid if we want to make it to the next Thanksgiving feast seven years away:

  • Cooked bones: raw ones are okay, but cooked ones tend to splinter and can cut your throat and stomach – ouch!
  • Canned cranberry sauce: ever heard of doggy diabetes? Neither have I, but I don’t want it!
  • Pecans, Pistachios, and Walnuts: who knew a nut could be so deadly, but they are poisonous to us and can cause seizures
  • Onions, garlic, leeks, and scallions: aside from making us extra stinky, these veggies can be HIGHLY toxic to our tender tummies. Stay away!
  • Anything chocolate: While this one breaks my heart – I see my hooman sometimes eat this to make her so much happier, the caffeine and other nasty chemicals in chocolate can kill us. Not playing dead, the real thing!
  • Other items to avoid: gravy, corn on the cob, raisins and grapes, raw bread dough, and alcohol. I know, I know, what about boozehounds? Nope. None for us, please!

 Oh, My Dog, what’s left for us to eat? Well, while turkey skins and bones are dangerous, turkey meat is fine. Many nuts aren't safe, but peanuts are. Bone-apetite, my friends!


Peace & Paws, 

The Healthily Hungry Blanche


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