Pet Horoscope - Virgo 2018

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Hello doggie disciples! It's the Great and Powerful Blanche and the Mystical Stella, here with predictions for your September! Find your sign below to see what this month has in store for you.



Your birthday month may be over, but the fun has just begun! I foresee lots of playtime for you in September, and maybe…a little romance at the dog park.


Hip hip hooray! It’s your barkday!  Happy barkday! I predict lots of treats, and, a new costume for you this month! Costumes are the best birthday present because you get lots of extra treats if you put them on and stay still and let your human hold something in front of you that flashes! So, put on your barkday suit, sit still, and let the treats roll!


Your humans will take you apple picking. Yum! Watch out for the green ones – they're sour. Blanche ate a sour apple once and she did NOT like it. Actually, come to think of it, apples are terrible. Beg for your regular treats.


Play extra fetch with your human this month. They need the exercise! To keep it interesting for them, try making them chase you to get the ball back. They’ll thank you later.


Beware of plants in your house during September. They may look yummy to eat, but no good will come from it. Trust us…


Now that summer’s over, you’re probably thinking about your birthday. Good thinking! You’ll need lots of treats and costumes to properly celebrate and that’s going to take some serious inter-species-galactic communication with your humans. So, turn on those “puppy” eyes and get to work getting what you want – only three months left! 


The mail man will come again. Be prepared to defend your home. And when all else fails try hiding under the bed. Or, if you dare, put on your pirate costume, and arf loudly, “To the plank with you, Matey!”


You’ve got one last opportunity to swim this month so don’t blow it! No shaking water off on your human or doggy flopping! Make sure you play nice and you are guaranteed extra time at the pool!


You will make a new friend at the park this month, or our name isn’t SUPER INCREDIBLE MIND READING DOGS. And when you do, remember to give your human lots of cuddles so they don't get jealous.


This month, collect as many sticks as possible. They will bring you prosperity and luck. Stella and I have over 50 sticks in OUR yard! We are feeling super prosperous and lucky.


This month, YOU'LL be the good boy! Don't let your human forget it. Give them lots of kisses, especially in the morning – it is the humans' favorite way to wake up. We promise!


You will want to eat many shoes this month. Though tempting, you must resist the urge as doing so will only lead to big problems. Instead, find comfort in appropriate toys and the love of your humans and friends at the dog park (or if you are at cat, just know that you are special).


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